STAAR Math Grade 3 Practice Test

STAAR is almost here. Relieve the feeling of stress by having your students do a round of practice with this full-length 3rd Grade Math STAAR Practice Test. This mock test is aligned to the current TEKS and includes a total of 46 questions.

STAAR Math Practice Test for 3rd Grade

Student answer document/Bubble sheet and the Answer Key is also included. You can grab this practice test from HERE.

As the STAAR testing is a new experience for the 3rd graders, it is always helpful to administer a dry run for them to know what to expect in the real exam setting.

Best of luck to the little ROCK STAARS!



  1. Thanks for sharing this! I taught 3 grade and my students also took the STARR reading and math tests. In fact, our teacher evaluation and rating was tied to these tests. I don't know about you but I don't feel that any one test should be tied to a teachers rating. It was pretty controversial in the school and it put so much stress on the teachers and the students. :(
    Christine at For The Love of Teachers

  2. It's so stressful! But it won't be quite as stressful if they've practiced!