Counting Coins – Money Games

I love incorporating games into my math units. It makes learning more fun and engaging.
Here is the newest addition to my Money unit: Counting Coins – Money Games.

These Money games will make  students identify, compare and add the value of coins. Include them in your math center and give your students a variety of options to practice their money skills.

There are 3 different sets of cards bundled in this packet.

Money Games and Activities for Elementary Students

Coins War Game: 

This is same as traditional card game “War”. Instead of comparing numbers, players count the value of coins on their cards and the player with the largest amount of money wins the hand.

This set has 52 cards showing the Penny,  Nickel, Dime and Quarter with values upto $1.
Playing instructions are included.

Go Fish Money Game: 

Play this as a traditional “Go Fish” game with a money twist or use it for playing matching game or scoot.

This set has total of 52 cards (26 cards showing group of coins and the remaining 26 numerical value). Playing instructions and answer key is included.

Money Clip Cards: 

This set has 30 cards. Each card has group of coins and 3 different answers to choose from. Students can either use clothes pin or paper clip to clip the answer. Make these self-evaluating by putting a dot on the back of the card to mark the answer before laminating.

Coin Clip Cards

For durability print on a cardstock and laminate.

These games go well with my Money Worksheets and Activities packet. Read the blog post HERE.

Happy Playing!
This post was originally published on 16h January 2017


  1. Awesome activities for learning about money!!

  2. I agree...I love games too. They engage students and are great for reinforcing, reviewing and practicing skills, plus they make a great addition to math centers and math workshop. Thanks for sharing these great resources.