Decimal Place Value

August is already here! Lazy mornings of summer holidays are just flying by and a new school year is starting soon. I will miss the summer fun, but I am more than ready to start another thrilling academic year with new goals, new challenges, and a hope to make this the best school year ever!

While thinking of upper elementary math, the first topic that comes to my mind is a refresher on the number place value system. These young minds already know the whole number place value, but it’s good to refresh the same and introduce the decimal place value too.

The origin of the Arabic number system that we use today can be traced back to the Hindu Scholars in India. This system was adopted and modified by Middle Eastern Scholars and later introduced in Europe. Without going into too much history, let's look at the place value system.

The set of 10 symbols namely 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0 represent the numbers.

In the place value system, the position of the number defines the value of the number.

For example, if I write the number 786 then:

  • 6 in 786 means 6 ones or 6
  • 8 in 786 means 8 tens or 80
  • 7 in 786 means 7 hundreds or 700

Now for decimals, the place value system extends to the right of ones place to represent the fractions.

For example, if I write the number 786.432 then:
  • 4 in 786.432 means 4 tenths or 0.4
  • 3 in 786.432 means 3 hundredths or .03
  • 2 in 786.432 means 2 thousandths or .002

Check out what’s included in my Decimal Place Value Worksheets and Task Card bundle pack to learn and practice the concept of Place Value for decimals: tenths, hundredths, and thousandths.

  1. Identifying decimals
  2. Standard, Expanded and Word Form
  3. Decimals on Number Line
  4. Comparing decimals
  5. Relate Decimals and Fractions
  6. Review Sheet
A total of 18 worksheets.

 Decimal Place Value Worksheets

 Decimal Place Value Worksheets

Task Cards:

Task-cards to practice the concept of place-value for decimals: tenths, hundredths, and thousandths.
A total of 24 cards along with recording and answer key.

 Decimal Place Value Task Cards

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Happy to be back in action!


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