Multiplication Facts

Wow! What an amazing feeling that my blog is live. Happy  Happy Happy! Special thanks to my husband, you are amazing!

Now moving on to my next post, the question was what should I blog next? During this time of year in many classrooms, kids are learning Multiplication, so this became an obvious choice. Multiplication is a very important concept in Mathematics and just one post will not do justice to this topic, nor to my readers. 😊

Different strategies on multiplication are taught in the classroom; like equal group, repeated addition, Arrays, and Number line. Along with teaching these strategies, memorizing and automacy of multiplication facts is extremely important.

Multiplication is typically introduced in Grade 3, and covers a major part of the curriculum. In the first part of my multiplication post series, I am including Multiplication facts 0 to 12

I have structured my worksheets to build a foundation on this topic and help students on their journey of learning multiplication facts.