Telling Time Craft

Make a Paper Plate Clock

Include this fun craft into your telling time unit. Kids will enjoy making this paper plate clock with movable hands. Once complete, tell kids the current time and ask them to show on their clock.

A great activity to get familiarized with an analog clock!

Telling Time Craft

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Paper Plate Clock Making Craft

  1. Cut 12 small strips out of a construction paper. Fold them in the middle to make a square flap.
  2. Stick the flaps on the back of paper plate. Make sure they are on the correct places. For guidance, draw a small dot where each flap goes.
  3. Write the numbers (for hours) from 1 to 12 on top of the flaps.
  4. Label inside the flap with the minute counts, using a marker. For example, under the 1, write :05, under the 2, write :10, and so on.
  5. Cut out the clock hands from the contrasting construction papers to make the hour and minute hands. Make sure that minute hand is longer than the hour hand.
  6. In the minute and hour hand cutouts, make a small hole towards the end.
  7. Make a small hole in the center of paper plate.
  8. Secure the clock hands to the center of plate using a brad pin.
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Happy Crafting!


Telling Time to the Hour and Half Hour

There’s so much to learn in telling time! Mastering this clock reading skill requires a lot of practice and motivation. The common core curriculum introduces telling time in Grade 1, but many schools gives an early start from kindergarten itself.

Tell and write time in hours and half-hours using analog and digital clocks.

Before teaching kids how to read a clock, have them get familiarized with the types of clocks (Digital and Analog Clock) and the parts of an Analog clock. You may use telling time posters and a hands-on activity like one included in my Telling Time pack.

Clock Poster: 

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Free Clock Posters - Analog and Digital Clocks

Clock making activity: 

(Included in Telling Time pack)

Make an analog clock activity
Make your own Analog Clock

This telling time bundle includes:

  • Worksheets for Time to the Hour
  • Worksheets for Time to the Half Hour
  • Worksheets for Time to the Hour and Half Hour (Mixed work sheets)
  • Coloring Activities
  • Cut and Paste Activities
  • Make a Clock Activity
  • Task Cards

The task cards are also included in this bundle pack. You can also purchase these separately from HERE.

Telling Time Task CardsTelling Time Task Cards

For additional practice, I have also bought this wonderful clock educational toy - Telly The Teaching Time Clock. Check this out on Amazon. Alternatively, you can also get this Big Time Student Clock learning resource.

Happy Teaching!